Rules of the Server!

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Rules of the Server!

Post by Extraction on Thu Mar 17, 2016 2:14 pm


1. No Ghosting
2. No RDM "Random Death Matching"
3. No Prop Killing If you are Innocent
4. No Mic-Spam
5. If you are a Screecher you must use the keyboard, If not be prepared to be muted
6. No Racist/Sexist/Political Talk
7. Do not harass other players in any shape or fashion
8. You must have at the very least, 1 day of playtime, before you are able to apply for staff. FULL 24 HOURS
9. Staff has final say
10. If you have any complaints or anything, you must post on the forum
11. Video proof must be shown to admin/or physical proof to be able to have someone kicked/banned
12. Have fun, We love our server, we try our very best to make a fun and enjoyable to everyone!
13. Do not body block any doors, or ways of climbing up ladders, this is a kickable offense.
14. You get 3 Warnings. Once then, our admins will decide your fate!


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